Project Excerpts

Minor Projects & Test Projects

RFID Reader

This a simple RFID kit from Propeller. The reader outputs a serial string which can be sent right to an LCD display as shown here or sent to a third party microprocessor or computer with the right hardware.

Bedroom Touch Panel

When I entered the work force after college I got the chance to work with a few of the mainstream professional home automation products. One of the first things I did was purchase an older model Crestron CT-1000 and embed it into the headboard of my apartment.

I then programmed the control processor to control my lighting, room audio volume, curtains, and air conditioning unit.

I loved the convenience of having tactile buttons for the lights, volume, and shades; as well as the ability to program the touch panel to let me scroll through my music list and choose artists and songs right from bed. It made Saturday and Sunday mornings a lot more enjoyable.

CD Duplicator

I wanted a device that could change CD/DVDs without human intervention and without needing any special software. This would let me rip CDs and DVDs as well as burn data backups to disk very easily. Building my own seemed like the perfect project. This allowed me to learn about servos and program in the Arduino environment.

I based the design around a disk pickup mechanism that another maker had used. You can see the wooden design with the solenoid. I replicated that design with a servo and a drumstick that I sanded down.

CD Duplicator v2

I'm currently in the process of redesigning the disk changer and basing the platform on aluminum extrusions, linear rods, and a vacuum pickup mechanism. Here is the current state of the design. It's a little messy but I'm still dry fitting all the parts.