Learn About Paul!

Paul is currently working as a systems engineer; consulting, designing, troubleshooting, and deploying large scale broadcast systems. He has spent 10 years bringing multi-million dollar broadcast television, radio, post production, and educational facilities to life.

His extensive experience affords him the ability to expertly design hi-tech infrastructure, collaborate with architects, MEP firms, facilities management and real-estate management firms in a cross disciplinary fashion to complete installations on time and on budget.

Designing a myriad of systems around cutting edge technologies (intercom, KVM, digital signage, monitor walls, computer networks, video routers, audio consoles, among others) Paul is a specialist in system design with overarching expertise in designing massive systems for installation in short timelines.

Paul has also had the pleasure of designing AV systems for conference rooms, board rooms, and presentation spaces; furthering his passion for automation and control systems.

Paul is an active alumni of Stevens Institute of Technology and is a founding member of the WAA, WCPR Alumni Association. As part of the WAA, Paul helped launch an endowment fund to give out an annual scholarship recognizing WCPR board members for their outstanding work, dedication to the success of WCPR, and commitment to Steven's campus life. Beating timeline expectations, the WAA raised $80,000 and fully funded the endowment in under 3 years.

Paul has spent his recent free time in the exploration of programming and his life passion of home automation and smart home development. He has created an IoT product called Status Bridge and has been programming multiple other web and embedded projects. You can follow along with many of his projects here on the site and through social platforms like twitter and YouTube.

Adding to his ridiculously busy schedule, Paul is also involved with the Bergen County Maker Space at the Bergen County Technical High School and associated with Bergen County Community College. He created "Understanding Computer Security" courses which are offered as part of the Bergen County Adult Education program. The courses cover topics from social engineering, phishing, credit card skimmers, through encryption, and password management. You can find more information on these courses throughout this site.

Paul's Past

Paul graduated from the prestigious Stevens Institute of Technology with a Bachelors degree in engineering and a concentration in Computer Engineering.

He chose Stevens Institute of Technology because of its ABET accreditation as well as the well rounded engineering program which breeds talented and highly capable multi-disciplinary engineers.

The College Story:

While in college Paul was quick to get involved in the community by involving himself with WCPR - Castle Point Radio, the campus radio station. He held the positions of Chief Engineer and 3 years as General Manager. Paul's experience and vision created tremendous growth within the organization.

WCPR Funding

Paul's experience and vision created tremendous growth within the organization.

Restoring the station's mobile DJ and entertainment division, creating campus partnerships, and sponsoring events allowed Paul to increase membership, campus awareness, and station funding.

Paul brought in other creative minds to create a morning show, build a regular programming schedule, and increase brand awareness.

By Paul's 3rd year as General Manager the stations was bringing in $13,000 a semester in funding, up nearly $11,000 a semester over the previous executive board.

Paul created partnerships with the Campus television station (of which he was the Chief Engineer) and created a media spotlight and TV/Radio Guide. This cross outlet media magazine showcased the TV, Radio, and Newspaper media outlets. The publication was distributed to 1000+ undergraduates across campus each month.

Castle Point Records:

As if pressure of classwork, operating and renovating a radio station, and re-designing the campus TV station was not quite enough for Paul; in his junior and senior year of school Paul took a Music Business Law class and then joined the founding members of Castle Point Records to form a student run record label. It was the only college run record label in the US designed to sign talent from outside the parent college. Over the course of a year the company inked a deal with 2 bands to produce 3 exclusive songs each and signed 6 other artists to re-master their existing songs and include them on a compilation album. Paul spent every free moment in the recording studio watching guerilla recording sessions unfold with amazing artists and two of the greatest producers. After recording, it was on to mastering sessions, pressing 1000+ CDs, setting up distribution deals, and releasing the album at a huge release party at Maxwell's in Hoboken.

Senior Design:

Finally, Paul lobbied his senior advisor to allow him to continue his life long passion and study of home automation and smart home design for his senior thesis and engineering design project. As any Star Trek fan knows, life would not be complete without an automated home. In fact Paul grew up with many technological advancements as his father was an electronics guru and had created many automated home features in the early 1980's well before they were mainstream. Paul knew he could take his understanding of computers, programming, databases, and electronics and develop a much more sophisticated and centrally managed automation system. He had been developing advanced automation routines through his high school career and spent many hours in college working on UI designs. Working with voice recognition, hardware I/O, IR and RS-232 protocols; Paul used the guise of school work to continue his work on his smart home passion. Paul merged smart home technology and marketing aspects to showcase the project at the design fair and demonstrate how the platform could be adapted for sale to the general public. The design project was featured on the home page of Steven's Institute of Technology's career advancement website leading up to the design fair.